Welcome to Arch Linux Schwag. If you are interested in purchasing custom Arch Linux apparel, mugs, stickers, shoes, or magnets, please visit the Arch Schwag Shop hosted by Zazzle. A portion of each sale made on zazzle goes to supporting Arch Linux development.

This page was created to fill a void in the Zazzle offerings. We have had several custom Arch Linux novelty items created and are distributing them for your enjoyment. A portion of profits from these sales go towards supporting Arch Linux development.

Please note: Many of these products are created on demand or in short supply and can take a while to ship. Expect delays of two to three weeks before products ship, and an additional one to two weeks for delivery time.

Available Products

Arch Linux Lanyard Lanyard featuring the Arch Linux logo.
Arch Linux Laptop Stickers "Powered by Arch Linux" laptop stickers
Other Schwag T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, magnets, stickers, skateboards, shoes, etc
Lanyards are on clearance and won't be restocked, get yours while you can!