Arch Linux Wood Sculptures

I make these small wooden sculptures out of local prairie Caragana wood. Known for its hardiness on the prairies, few people are aware of the beautiful contrasting yellow and brown grain inside it.

The free-standing sculptures are about 2" (50 mm) wide and 3/4" (18mm) thick with. They aren't heavy enough to use as a paper weight so they serve little purpose other than decoration. But with a beautiful logo in beautiful wood, they serve that purpose very very well!


QuantityUnit PriceTotal
1 $15.00 $15.00
4 $12.00 $48.00


Domestic $4.00
International $8.00
Each additional Arch Linux Wood Sculptures $0.50

All prices are in USD. Residents of USA and Canada pay domestic shipping, all other destinations require international postage.